つしまみれ つしまみれ
Japanese all girl trio - blending elements of punk, avant garde, free jazz, ska, surf and funk. つしまみれ (tsushimamire) was formed in 1999 when Mari, Yayoi and Mizue were still University Students. The three began performing in clubs in Chiba prefecture and released their 1st demo CD 「ハンバーガーセット」 (HAMBURGER SET) in 2001, which was followed by another demo CD 「流血モヒカン」 (BLOODY MOHAWK). In 2004 the band toured across the United States with fellow all-girl bands BLEACH, NOODLES and Kokeshi Dolls, including a stop at the world-famous music event, South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

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