Stray Stray
Stray is the name of at least 5 artists: 1. Erica Dunham's EBM/futurepop project
2. UK rock band formed in 1966
3. Mattias Axelsson's R'n'B / Hip-Hop project
4. Drum 'n Bass producer from London
5. Portuguese hip-hop artists 1. Stray is the name of a side-project of Erica Dunham -aka Unter Null. Her music is described as a trancey tunnel of melancholy melodies carrying clear sequences, bittersweet words and mesmerising atmospheres. Stray is a much more positive approach than Unter Null. The first album called "Abuse By Proxy" was released in 2008, with a follow-up in 2012 - "Letting Go".

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