アルミ國土 アルミ國土
アルミ國土 (or Alumi Land) was a visual indies band. They released their first Maxi single (極上スワロウテイル) in March of 2006, followed by their second Maxi single (銀色月世界) in August of the same year. Line-Up
Vo. だち (dachi)
Gu. 戒音 (kaine)
Gu. シン (shin)
Ba. ヒロキ (hiroki)
Dr. かの (kano) After the live on October 26th 2006 it has been announced that Dachi will be leaving Alumi Land due to sickness, as stated in his blog.
At first they wanted to continue and look for a new vocalist, but disbanded in 2007

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