דני סנדרסון דני סנדרסון
Was born in Kfar Blum, Israel. Son of Chaim and Rina, brother of Shira. In 1960 his family moved to New York. Founded a band called 'The Catacombs' at the age of 15. In high school studied art and painting. Started playing the guitar. The family moved back to Israel and lived in Savion. In 1968 he joined the army. Served in the military band - the Nahal (Lahakat Hanahal). In the band he met Alon Oleartchik, Gidi Gov, Meir (Poogy) Fenigstein and Efraim Shamir. Had a sideshow in Dory Ben Ze'ev's radio program in which he and Meir read sketches.

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