Mystique Mystique
Not to be confused with British R&B girl group Mis-Teeq 1. A Greek pop / modern laika girl group consisting of three females: Ελένη Φουρέιρα, Αλκμήνη Χατζηγιάννη & Μαρία Μακρή. They released their debut album "Μαζί" (Together) in 2008 which includes their first cd-single "Σ' άλλη σελίδα" and their only hit to date "(Μη κάνεις πως) δε θυμάσαι (feat. Νέβμα)". 2. A Melodic heavy metal/traditional heavy metal / hard Rock band from Canada (Hamilton, Ontario). Last known line up :
Ray Dauria - Vocals / Dave Dragos - Guitar / Mark Arbour - Bass / Vic Barreira - Keyboards / Jay Dee - Drums

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