The Youngers The Youngers
There are two or more artists by the name "The Youngers". 1) The Youngers is a finnish "rautalanka"-band that was formed 1997 in Valkeala, Finland. Their debut album "King of the hill" was released in 2005.
New instrumental album "Good Behaviour?" was released 26.1.2007. The album can be ordered from http://www.twangsville.net/ The Youngers' current lineup is:
Guitar: Mikko Vainonen
Bass: Jarno Väkevä
Drums: Matti Vainio
Vocals: Juho "Rudi Orbinski" Pennanen Official homepage
2) The Youngers was apparently also a japanese band in the 60's. They are best tagged ザ・ヤンガーズ.

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