Brown Eyed Girls Brown Eyed Girls
The Brown Eyed Girls (or B.E.G.) (브라운 아이드 걸스) is a South Korean girl group managed by NegaNetwork (내가네트워크). The group consists of four members: JeA (제아, Kim Hyo Jin), Narsha (나르샤, Park Hyo Jin), Ga-In (가인, Son Ga In), and Miryo (미료, Jo Mi Hye). They debuted as a ballad/rnb vocal group in 2006 and have challenged themselves with different music genres. Since debuting in 2006, the group has risen to popularity through a number of hit singles, beginning with 2008’s L.O.V.E., but it wasn't until their 2009 breakout single, Abracadabra that their name was established in the Korean music scene.

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