Nox Mortis Nox Mortis
The band formed in 1993 in Germany,Thuringia by musicians Allen B. Konstanz (Tobias Schönemann) [ The Vision Bleak, Asgaia, Ewigheim ] and Jan-Vincent Simmen [ Eisregen ]. After a year of working hard, they released their first demo which was called "Epitaph" that contains 8 tracks with a total play time of about 50 minutes. After that they released two other demos by the names of "Wald Der Angst" in 1995 and "Promo" in summer 1996. After a while they signed a contract with "Prophecy Productions" to release two full-length albums, 1996 "Im Schatten Des Hasses" and 1999 "7 Lies".

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