Dirtpill Dirtpill
Dirtpill is a buzz-filled trio from cold Siberian forests that plays just like Amebix raped by Throbbing Gristle on the South Pole! Started in spring of 2008 they gave out two demos ("somedevil" in 2008 and "trawl" in 2009) and the split tape with two CIS bands (Zuboroth and Заводь) in 2010. First full-length album 'Oil Tank Blues' was released in 2011 on Moscow label Bad Road CES. Also in 2011 was re-released the 'trawl' demo as a split with Kirov sludge band Шлам and in 2012 was re-released first demo 'somedevil' as a split with Novosibirsk noisedoomers Fire To Fields.

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