New Risen Throne New Risen Throne
Italian dark ambient project founded by Stiehl (real name: Gabriele Panci).
Stiehl himself describes New Risen Throne as "cold and desolate soundscapes that will leave you feeling utterly scared and alone."
He is also a member of the dark ambient "hybrid" creature called Konau, along with Subinterior's Andrea Freschi. Discography: 2002 - 'Prophet' (Demo)
2003 - 'Anointing Rite' (Private Release)
2003 - 'Flowing Ashes' (CD-R)
2004 - 'Along Endless Path of Emptiness' (CD-R)
2004 - 'Prophets From the Abyss' (Split CD-R with Locust Reign)

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