Маяк Маяк
1) Маяк is an incorrect tag for МАЯК. Vote for the right version of spelling, please. МАЯК is an emoviolence/screamo band from Moscow, Russia - formed in 2011 and signed on SAD RECORDS. Nikita - Vocals (Namatjira)
Rodion - Vocals & Bass (Родион и бас)
Yura - Guitar (ex-Medic,Medic!)
Stas - Guitar (ex-My Son, My Home And My Tree)
Roman - Drums (ex-My Son, My Home And My Tree) ex-members:
Dmitry - Vocals (Toluca, ex-Medic,Medic!) http://vk.com/mayakband // http://mayakband.bandcamp.com // https://soundcloud.com/mayakband // http://www.myspace.com/mayakband

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