The Cunts The Cunts
There are 3 bands called The Cunts - 1. The Cunts are a Streetpunk band from Evesham UK. Played with such bands as ANGELIC UPSTARTS, THE VIBRATORS, DISCHARGE, RED LIGHTS FLASH to name a few.
www.thecunts.devisland.net or www.myspace.com/thecunts 2. The Cunts were a punk band from Chicago, Illinois active during the late 70s thu the mid 80s. They started their own label (Disturbing records) which put out records by MEATY BUYS, HEAVY MANNERS, & PROBLEM DOGS as well as their own band.
The Cunts "Chemicals in the Mail" (Disturbing, 1978) is arguably the first "Chicago Punk" record. The

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