滅火器 滅火器
滅火器(a.k.a "FIRE EX." in English) is a Taiwanese indie punk band formed in 2001. The original members(vox:大正/gt:阿凱/bass:陳敬元/drum:柏元) are high-school classmates, but in 2007, only the original vocalist and guitarist are still 滅火器's official members. 滅火器 are
guitar/vox: 楊大正 Sam
guitar: 鄭宇辰 Or
bass: 陳敬元 Jc
drums: 尤冠倫 Indoa

Like many indie bands, they play shows at Livehouse and in festivals, and have held small tours in Hong Kong and China.

In 2007 June, 滅火器 released their 1st album "Let's Go!" and are subsequently going on a Taiwan tour.

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