えぃみ→☆ えぃみ→☆
えぃみ→☆ (Eimy) was a Japanese Band. They held their first live 2005/06/02 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. The band can be categorized very well as a typical Oshare Kei band, with a happy and joyful theme in their songs. Their visual clothing style was heavily colorful, similar to the Japanese fashion style fruits. After changing the line-up of the band members more than 3 times, えぃみ→☆ decided to disband 2006/06/02 at TAKADANOBABA AREA. えぃみ→☆ were:
Vo. 桃宮 苺 ( → えぃみ→☆ →Pizzcato. )
Gu. 涼 ( ゼラット → えぃみ→☆ → ロドウェル (support) → Ap(r)il )

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