Tuvalu Tuvalu
Tuvalu is a band founded in 2003 on Tampere-Helsinki axis in Finland. Tuvalu consists of Annina Antinranta (vocals and theremin), Antti Harmainen (guitar), Jussi Oskari (bass) and Jussi Matikainen (drums). Tuvalu's debut release was an EP called Mitä muut ajattelevat sinusta?, released in 2004. In 2006 their debut album Pimeä Saartaa Meitä! was released, and in 2008 their second album, Viimeiset hetket ovat käsillä! (available for download on Last.fm). Their third album, Tuvalu, was released on February 24th 2010. Tuvalu gained some notoriety with their "dogma04", which stated for example that Tuvalu's music would not be advertised in mass media or played on the radio, as a protest towards the modern music business. Tuvalu is named after both Veit Helmer's movie of the same name and the country about to sink in to the Pacific ocean.

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