Hypnotech 3 Hypnotech 3
Rudely copied and pasted from: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=34898 Band History: Formed summer of 2000. Kicked out surly goth drummer, 2001. Released CD "In Tune with the True Distortion" Feb 2002 (available at Tonevendor). Charted at CFMU, CHRW, CHSR, KFJC, WCSB and WZRD. Good airplay at CBC-FM (Brave New Waves & Radio On), CIUT and WREK Atlanta. Topped mp3.com electronic charts constantly, Dec 2002-Feb 2003. Released our second CD "Prescription Electronics Depth Charge", in February 2004. It hit #31 in the Earshot national campus charts for May 2004.

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