BEE-315 BEE-315
BEE-315 (B-saikou) is the side-project of リウ from メトロノーム and 川嵜 正人 from バーベル, with ケンタロウ, ex.Parking Out, formed in 2004. They play punk rock music, with a lot of english lyrics, highly influenced by american bands like RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, SUM41, Blink-182, THE OFFSPRING, GREEN DAY... The meaning of the band name is that all the three members are bloodtype B, and they like to say 'Bi gata saikou!' ('B type is the best!'). The japanese pronunciation of '3-1-5' is similar to 'the best'. And the number evokes bands like SUM41 or Blink-182.

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