松田樹利亜 松田樹利亜
松田樹利亜 (Julia Mazda) is a Japanese rock musician/singer-songwriter from Kyoto.
She is born on February 7, 1975. in Osaka.
Mazda was classmates with former idol 河田純子 (Kawada Junko), actress Mizuno Miki and talent Anai Yuko. Mazda, under the name Toyoda Juri (豊田樹里) won the singing section of the third nation-wide beauty contest. She also debuted in 1990 with this name as a part of a teen idol group called Baby's. The group's first single "EVERYBODY ~YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE~" reached #58 on the weekly Oricon chart, yet the two singles released after this one did not chart on Oricon at all.

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