Υπόγεια Ρεύματα Υπόγεια Ρεύματα
Υπόγεια Ρεύματα (Underground Streams) is a Greek rock group. They started playing together in 1992 in Athens. The first lineup was Kostas Kontovas on keyboard, Grigoris Klioumis on vocals & guitar, Giannis Kiriakos on bass, Dimitris Argiris on guitar, and Panagiotis Metallinos on drums. In 1993 they started recording their first album, which they released in 1994 as Ο μάγος κοιτάζει την πόλη (The wizard is looking at the city). In 1995 they recorded Παραλογές, and in 1996 they recorded a live album at the "Theatre of Rocks", with their new drummer Vasilis Kousis.

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