Widescreen Mode Widescreen Mode
Widescreen Mode was formed in Riihimäki in 2003 by drummer Janne Aaltonen, singer Samu Brusila, guitar player Janne Lahtinen and bass player Janne Stenroos. The name of the band represents the things you can't see on the screen. Eyes wide open to the world. The debut album, "Until The End" was released in Finland on November 2007 through Dark Sentiments and Playground Music Scandinavia. It was produced and recorded by Jani Loikas (also the "Hello World" and "Another Day" EPs), mixed by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Stam1na, etc.) and mastered by Thomas Eberger (The 69 Eyes, Opeth, etc.).

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